Raven Precision Products

Assisted steering systems and precision guidance systems

Raven Industries, Inc. has designed and manufactured high quality, high-value technical products since 1956. Raven is publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN) and has earned an international reputation for delivering groundbreaking new ideas and precision ag products to growers around the world that improve agricultural efficiency, productivity, and stewardship of the land.

Raven's precision ag products and systems provide information, control and the opportunity to increase profitability. Select a product that meets your specific needs:

Product Line-up

Field Computers

Raven offers a choice of multi-function field computers to fit your operating needs. Field computers give you command, control and improve virtually every farming function with ease.

Envizio Pro™ field computers are the total control package for growers. Fully integrated with GPS-guidance, simple to operate, affordable, and completely scalable for RTK sub-inch accuracy and functionality.

Guidance & Steering

Raven's complete line of guidance and assisted steering systems keeps you on track no matter how precise your requirements may be.

Cruizer II™ & Cruizer II™ RTK gives you all the benefits of an easy-to-use precision guidance system. With more power and capability, you can add auto-steering, yield monitoring, and automatic on-off planter and boom section controls to your system, when you’re ready.

SmarTrax RTK™ assisted steering system provides faster operating speeds, best-in-class line acquisition and easier, more relaxed driving. With hydraulically controlled GPS-guided system with 3D terrain compensation and RTK sub-inch capability.

RAC company is your official Raven dealer in Africa and the Middle East

Great systems are only as good as it's support; That's why a cornerstone of our company is to provide a 'beginning to end' solution.

RAC Export Trading as your official Raven dealer, is dedicated to serve as your local resource and contact in Africa and the Middle East for complete product information, sales and services related to Raven products. We are specially trained and certified by Raven to provide industry-leading service at every level – to keep you and your business moving forward.

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