Bentomat® GCL

Geotextilies. High performance environmental liners

Bentomat ® Geotextilies

Bentomat® geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) is high performance environmental liners manufactured with durable high-strength geotextiles and a uniform layer of low-permeability granular Volclay® sodium bentonite. The Bentomat patented manufacturing process utilizes a needle punched technique which encapsulates the sodium bentonite between two layers of geotextile, inhibiting migration of the clay in its dry or hydrated state. The geotextiles offer a long lasting resistance to physical and chemical break-down in harsh environments. The bentonite's high swelling capacity and low permeability provide an effective hydraulic seal.

The BENTOMAT CL product consist of two water barriers - bentonite clay and an additional flexible plastic membrane. The membrane is permanently laminated to the outer textile surface. For extra slope stability, an additional non-woven geotextile can be attached to the laminate to increase interface friction performance.

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