SATCOM Communication Container

Mobile communication container (Internet, Satellite) for oil fields, construction sites

SATCOM Communication Container
The mobile communication container includes 10 workstations. The connection with the external world is made possible via Internet over a satellite antenna.

The power source is secured by 2 connection types (230 V and 110 V - tension). The container is worldwide operational and does not depend on a single type of power source.

The container fits on a truck chassis or into an airplane and is brought within shortest time to any point of the world. The users find a pleasant room atmosphere in warm and in cold climate zones, two redundant split air conditioning systems are installed to handle heating and cooling.

Technical description

The mobile communication container offers 10 completely equipped workstations with Internet connection. The connection is made via Satellite. The workbenches and screen mounting plates are made of high-grade (stainless) steel and are bolted onto the container wall. The cables of the monitor, keyboard and webcam disappear cleanly in the wall and are virtually invisible.

The entire technology including the Satcom equipment is securely stored in a rack in the rear part of the container. Next to it, there is a lockable stainless steel cabinet with 2 sliding doors.

The optimal room lighting is ensured over two rows of halogen lamps above the workstations.

The room temperature is steered via 2 redundantly running air conditioners. The temperature can be adapted individually to the needs. In the cold season these devices can also heat. The two external aggregates sit at the outside rear wall of the container.

Over the rack is an approximately 2.00 x 1.70 m aluminum tub built into the roof. This aluminum tub carries the satellite antenna. The aluminum tub is waterproofed and contains two drains for water, which let the water flow off at the back side of the container. The aluminum tub possesses an additional high-grade steel plate in the internal area, where the satellite antenna is mounted, in order to distribute the weight of the satellite antenna laminar over the container roof on the container walls.

The complete tub including the satellite antenna is covered with an aluminum roller-type shutter. This roller-type shutter is propelled over an electronic motor and opens and closes automatically. A window in the aluminum tub, which carries the satellite antenna, makes it possible to examine from the inside of the container whether the satellite antenna is deployed or stowed.

An awning is fixed above the entrance for weather and sun protection.

Of course, we can adapt this kind of containers to your individual needs.

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